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Status page for your project

Simplify project/ service status

Communication is a main factor in your brand strength.

getStatus allows you to customize (your logo, each project can have different background, etc) so to keep with project context and simplify the communications!

Embed in your website

Your website can now include “Customer login” without any code! – something that in the past required a web development work that is costly and not flexible!

With getStatus you can create yourself the project status page and have users login either from your website or via update emails that you will be sending out via getStatus

Milestones based communication

Project/ service’ milestone names is all you need to get started!

Milestones becomes stations and on timeline allows you to forward stations, let know when is the next update etc

Your client would embrace as it reminds them as passengers on a subway (metro, tube etc) where you are the driving them safely to project completion

Tip: you can also save templates to be used as baseline for similar projects.

Upload documents and send updates

Once you invite your clients to getStatus, sending an update and sharing project documents gets easy!

Email sent out will include your logo and you can observe if an email is read by a given client.

Guess what? getStatus can even remind you to post updates so you can maintain your per-project communication policy

Here Are A Few Of Our Happiest Customers …

Yariv Bar Dayan, Law firm

Thanks to getStatus we are able to improve our relations with hundreds of our customers

Guy Farbman, Law office

Thanks to getStatus the amount of “where it stands?” calls we are getting from our customers reduced

Oz, real estate services

Thanks to getStatus, our customers feels much more comfortable, knowing the project is being managed professionally

Iris Anavi, real estate lawyer

getStatus helps me differentiate myself in a competitive landscape being innovative, technological up-to-date and as such that promotes transparency

Time to impress your clients